What's new in this version?


  1. Bug Fixes


  1. JavaScript SDK Launch.

  2. Bug Fixes.


  1. Improvements in speed and stability of the wallet.

  2. Developer portal launch.


In this minor version, we have added the following major features:

  1. Added Polygon support.

  2. Switched to password-less wallet access flow.

  3. Added a Metafi Login flow, where you do not need to implement your own login flow, and can instead rely on the Metafi SDK to allow your users to login.

  4. Added a checkout flow that can be used to sell goods to your users via crypto. Once a user makes a checkout transaction, you will receive a notification at a webhook endpoint that you can specify.

  5. RetrieveUser function to retrieve user information such as wallet address from the SDK.

  6. If you are using your own login, you no longer need to pass in the userIdentifier on every SDK Method Invocation. You can just pass it to us through the Login function.

  7. Additional theme customisation options.

  8. UI Improvements and bug fixes.

  9. The Login function now accepts a callback function that is executed once the login is successfully completed.

  10. The RetrieveUser function now returns a Promise that resolves to the user details.

  11. The CallGaslessFunction which allows your users to make transactions without needing to pay gas fees.

  12. The HideWallet function to programatically close the wallet modal.

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