Get Started

You will need an API Key to get started. Get your key by signing up on the Developer Portal.


To get started with the Unity SDK, please follow the steps outlined below. If you face any issues, feel free to post your questions on our Discord support channel.

Step 1: Import Packages

You can download the latest version of our unity package from our Github link. Add this to your project under the Assets folder.

You will also need to purchase the Vuplex 3D WebView package for the relevant platform you require (Windows + Mac / iOS / Android), and place this package under the Assets folder of your project.

You can get a 20% discount while purchasing the WebView from the Vuplex store by using the code metafi during checkout. Additionally will reimburse an additional $100 of your Vuplex purchase if you require; to claim this, you can book a call with us via this link.

Step 2: Import Prefab

Import the Prefab named MetafiSDKPrefabDesktopNative to your Hierarchy. Set the sort order of this Component to a high value so that it rests above your other UI elements. Adjust the reference resolution of this Component if required.

Step 3a: Initialize the Provider

Under the Start() script of your first scene, Import the Metafi namespace and initialise the provider as shown below. More information on the Provider Initialization can be found here.

using Metafi.Unity;
using System.Dynamic;

public class GameManager : MonoBehaviour {
    async void Start() {
        Debug.Log("Initializing Metafi Provider");

        dynamic _options = new ExpandoObject();
        _options.logo = @"Assets/Resources/logo-2.png";
        _options.theme = new {
            fontColors = new {
                primary = "#FFFFFF",
                secondary = "#e8e8e8"
            bgColor = "#29327F",
            ctaButton = new {
                color = "#F19B28",
                fontColor = "#FFFFFF"
            optionButton = new {
                color = "rgba(255,255,255,0.1)",
                fontColor = "#FFFFFF"
            metafiLogoColor = "light",
        Token wethToken = new Token(
            "Wrapped Ethereum",

        await MetafiProvider.Instance.Init(
            new List<Chain> {Chains.ETH, Chains.MATIC, Chains.GOERLI, Chains.MUMBAI},
            new List<Token> {wethToken},
        Debug.Log("Metafi Provider initialized");

Step 3b: Setup User Login

This step is only required if you are using your own login/authentication mechanism

Go to the projects page of the Developer Portal and navigate to Settings. There you can update the URL which we will use to authenticate your user token. Once this URL is updated, you can create a wallet for a user by passing in their userIdentifier and jwtToken into our SDK.

More information on this can be found in the Login section of our documentation.

Step 4: Function Invocation

You're done! You can now invoke the functions that you need.

using Metafi.Unity;

public class StartButton : MonoBehaviour {
    public async void ShowWallet() {
        await MetafiProvider.Instance.ShowWallet();

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