This function triggers a modal for the user to confirm the transaction

This is an advanced feature and can drain user wallet funds if you interact with a malicious contract. Only link to trusted smart contract authors.


This allows you to call any smart contract function and process the response. This function should be used to query functions that require the users signature, hence it should be invoked only once the user is logged in.



Task CallGenericWriteFunction(dynamic args, System.Action<dynamic> callback = null)


Return Value


Handling Large Numerical Values

Applicable to EVM Chains only

While passing in large numerical values (values above 9007199254740991) in args.params, a conversion to string format needs to be made. You can use the following methods that convert the number to the appropriate format:

// For int values
string ConvertNumberToBigNumber(int value, int decimals);

// For double values
string ConvertNumberToBigNumber(double value, int decimals);

// For float values
string ConvertNumberToBigNumber(float value, int decimals);


using System;
using Metafi.Unity;

public class StakeTokenButton : MonoBehaviour {
    public async void StakeTokens(){
        await MetafiProvider.Instance.CallGenericWriteFunction(new {
            contractAddress = "contract-address",
            functionABIPath = @"Assets/Resources/Contracts/path-to-contract.json",
            functionName = "stakeTokens",
            value = Utils.ConvertNumberToBigNumber(0.1, 18),
            @params = new [] {"param1", "param2"},
            chain = Chains.MUMBAI,
        ((System.Action<dynamic>) (result => {
            Debug.Log("CallGenericWriteFunction complete, result: " + result.ToString());

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